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As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and ISV based in Hamburg (Germany), Layer2 is one of the leading providers of Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365 apps in Europe with a major focus on Data Integration, Collaborative Knowledge Management and Social Networking. Layer2 has also been known as a reliable partner to customers in Central Europe, offering additional consulting and services in the fields of SharePoint, .NET programming and IT infrastructure for more than 20 years.





PSIGEN Product Benefits:
♦  Business Document Capture - provides for just about any method to scan and capture key document data.
♦  Automation and Efficiency - through time tested capture technology, PSI:Capture provides the utmost in document capture efficiency allowing for minimal time spent on tasks.
♦  Seamless integration - through the use of our data lookup provider and migration technology, PSI:Capture can interact with Enterprise Data Solutions, allowing for simple data transfer to and from systems.
♦  Single application for all needs - the scalability and flexibility of the product set provides a single application that can meet all an organizations.